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Religious Charm Bracelets

Rosary Necklaces


I visited the Long Beach Flea Market and Antiques Fair in Long Beach, California today and was immediately struck by a young man wearing a rosary bead necklace around his neck. (I just saw Justin Combs, P Diddy’s son, wearing one on a TV show just an hour before that).   

After walking into the event, I was immediately attracted to a table featuring Rosary Beads, Religious Charm Bracelets and many other Religious articles. The vendor/designer is Creations By Azaria. (   

I learned that yes indeed the Rosary Beads and Charm bracelets were selling quite well. I also did see this type of product at other stations within the Flea Market. Creations by Azaria had the largest and most unique selection by far!   

In speaking with the proprietress, I learned that many of the Rosaries are of Bohemian Czech Glass and are being created in Bohemia by a very special family. Creations by Azaria is regularly available at the Rosebowl and Long Beach Markets and on ebay creations*by*fortunato.   



Miscellaneous Religious Charms




  1. Love the bracelets!! I’m wondering….are these made with vintage religious medals or are the icons newly fabricated?

    • It is a mix of viintage and newer components, I love the bracelets too…thought they were cool.

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