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Hand Painted Portrait Pendants

I fell in love with Lynn Konrad’s designs when I first saw her collection “French at Heart” at the Rosebowl Flea Market several months ago.  I was lucky to stumble upon her much to my delight, last week at the Long Beach Antiques Market.       


She has traveled to France many times collecting antique articles of all kinds from Baby and Christening dresses, to artwork, personal accessories and incredible jewelry and vintage components.            


Lynn has an incredible talent for mixing antique components such as religious medals, keys, lockets, filligree stampings and findings, with newer components such as freshwater pearls, crystal beads, and interesting chains to create pieces that are truly unique and beautiful.           

  As most of Lynn’s designs are one of a kind, they are very desireable and coveted pieces  and make unique gifts.          



Key pendants and multi charm necklaces featuring keys have performed very well for French at Heart. Thanks to our friends at Tiffany’s (they have been featuring key motif jewelry in their ads for nearly a year) the Key trend has performed very well for designers and retailers alike across the country for several seasons.          



Key Pendants



I love Lynn’s hand painted portrait necklaces, toggle necklaces that can be converted into  bracelets, filligree earrings and her very whimsical purse charms.                


Please visit the French At Heart website for a large selection of jewelry and French Antiques. The events tab on the site contains a calendar of upcoming shows in San Francisco and the LA area.  Lynn can be emailed directly at          



Various Pendants


  1. Sorry everyone, I had some technical difficulties with my post and I spent 3 hrs trying to fix it last night…Hope you like it!
    Dee Dee

    • Love this jewlery! So chic and unique. Anxiously awaiting your next posting!

      • I love this jewelry too…it is all very unique and most antiques, wish you could see it all in person!

  2. I love these! So gorgeous. I’ve been playing around with making some cameos myself – I’m interested in classic pieces with a contemporary twist.

    • I love this line and all the cameos and other hand painted portrait pieces. Lynn has a very unique way of mixing
      all the pieces together and creating amazing finished pieces of jewelry! Thank you for the comments and please
      follow the blog for weekly posts.

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