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I was hoping to have my pics chosen and my post prepared, but I was caught up in Oscar night frenzy in Hollywood!

I attended an Oscar viewing party in Beverly Hills (200 + People) on Sunday, came home exhausted and crashed, then had

to prepare for another event Monday evening.

I am still reviewing photos, internet reports and all of the Oscar recap shows on TV. I plan to have my picks for the most

important Oscar Jewelry trends tomorrow!

In the mean time if any of you have anything to share about the Oscars, feel free to jump in!

More to come! Thanks for your patience.



    • christine spring lake Mi.
    • Posted 03/09/2010 at 4:50 am
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    Just loved the femininity and old Hollywood glamour of this year’s academy awards!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So did I , some people I spoke with thought the ladies played it safe though…I think that is OK.
      Charlize Theron and Zoe Saldana did not receive good reviews on their wardrobe choices.

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