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Helen Mirren at the 2010 Oscars




The Oscars is always an exciting event for me. I love seeing the stars dressed in the finest gowns and jewels from around the world.     

I think the stars have made choices that seem to be a bit more restrained than in the past. Due to all of the media attention and criticism these stars receive, I definitely believe they are playing it safe. The overall result is very feminine and refined head to toe glamour on the red carpet.     

The Jewelry this year, was more refined and elegant than last year at the Oscars. There seems to be more emphasis on Earrings and Bracelets whereas last year, there was a trend in statement necklaces happening, which sparked an overall trend throughout the industry at all levels and price points. All retailers and designers got into that game from Neiman Marcus to Forever 21.     

My favorite overall jewelry look was from Carey Mulligan with her long drop linear chandelier style diamond earrings. Her pixie haircut along with her open shoulder gown allow the earrings to make a huge impact! See Below:     

Carey Mulligan     


Miley Cyrus and Rachel McAdams represented the bold earring trend and often paired the look with some beautiful cuffs and bracelets.     

Miley Cyrus Earrings & Bracelet   

   Rachel McAdams Earring


I also love jeweled accents at the shoulder and waist which has been an emerging trend for some time. Whether a brooch is added at the waist as we see on Mariah Carey, or applied to the shoulder as on Sigourney Weaver and Jessica Simpson, this is a fantastic way to add sparkle and glamour to a mono-chromatic look.

Mariah Carey Brooch at Waist


Jessica Simpson at VF Party


Sigourney Weaver Shoulder Jewels


 These are my overall favorite looks from Oscar night. I think that dramatic earrings with some great statement cuffs or stacked bracelets is THE look right now. Feel free to share any of your favorite Oscar looks!     

Mariska Hargitay Stacked Bracelets




  1. I agree – jewels were very restrained in most cases and once again, earrings and bracelets/cuffs were the flavour of the day. I love to see a great necklace be it statement or more restrained, but there were so few! Thankfully Helen Mirren in Chopard and Kate Winslet in Tiffany & Co., provided some necklace relief!

    Kathy Ireland presenting on the red carpet was apparently wearing Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond bib and the Vanity Fair after-party had a lot more bling! Have a look at Jane Fonda’s pastel piece 🙂

  2. I was on the fence about the Kate Winslet piece, I just didnt love how it looked with the dress.
    I did not like the Kathy Ireland piece at all.

    Jane Fonda’s piece looked pretty in the one photo I saw. It had a look of “India” about it. Maybe she was channeling “Slumdog Millionaire” last year’s winner.

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