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Oscar Fashion 2011- “Blushing Princess” Trend – Los Angeles Celebrity Fashion |


Julia Roberts wins Best Actress Oscar for her role in "Erin Brokovich"

I will be writing for the as their LA Celebrity Fashion Examiner. Below is a link to my first article. Please subscribe to my feed and enjoy the coverage. More to come on the Oscars as the excitement unfolds this weekend!

Oscars 2011 – What will they be wearing? – Los Angeles Celebrity Fashion |

I cannot tell you how beautiful this is! I LOVE IT! I was scoping out the slides from the latest Gucci Show for Fall 2011, and this beautiful Peacock Blue was featured throughout the show. There were very few jewelry features in the collection, but the use of color and accessories, such as fur wraps, snakeskin handbags, sunglasses, skinny belts and platform shoes made this collection by Frida Giannini completely irresistible! Check out the full collection at

Graceful and confident, Donna Karan’s autumn/winter collection is entitled Pearls of Wisdom and is all about embracing a woman’s femininity with conviction.

Donna Karan has been a fashion hero of mine since my freshmen year at F.I.T. in New York City when she came to speak to our class about her career and launching her business. I love her Fall 2011 Collection and I absolutely ADORE this layered multi-pearl Necklace! View the full collection at I am now approaching the age where I can seriously pull off some of her beautiful clothes, now I just have to come up with the funds to afford them! I did purchase one of her collection jackets at Loehmann’s once in the early 90’s. The look was way too mature for me then.

I will be bringing you more highlights from the Runways of New York, London, Paris, Milan and LA! Stay tuned!

This is my favorite look so far from the Fall 2011 Collections. I just said “wow” when this slide popped up on I love the rich red, burgundy color combination of the dress, gloves, shoes and the beautiful multi-colored stoned brooch. I would wear this look, it is stunningly feminine and has a Mad-Men- esque feel.

Just 2 weeks ago I was discussing with some industry colleagues the relevance of brooches in modern dressing and how well they are adopted by consumers. I received mostly negative feedback. This is a stunning example of how a beautiful brooch can make all the difference. Imagine this dress without it. I would love your comments on this!

Plucked straight from the pages of the March issue of Lucky Magazine!

I love this array of Tribal Style Necklaces which add a global feel to any Spring or Summer outfit!

I am a Chanel freak! I always have and is one of the reasons I got into the Fashion and Accessories Business.

Although the clothes always take centerstage, I am here to tell you what is HOT in jewelry!

Karl Lagerfeld, designer for Chanel, always pushes the envelope when it comes to Bold Jewelry and he did not

disappoint in the collection he showed in Paris on July 6th.

When I saw these “messy” bracelets, I CHEERED! I love the look of mixing, chain, buttons, stones, beads, pearls, and everything else you could think of to create a unique, bold and vintage inspired look .

This is what I want to wear for Fall and it is HOT!

Check out the full Chanel Couture Collection 2010 on

I  finally went to see it the other night after much anticipation! It was really all about the fashion for me and the JEWELRY! I was so excited to see the girls decked out in over the top Jewelry!

I was most excited by the over the top chandelier and linear drop earrings worn on Samantha and Miranda. I relate best to these 2 characters and love their style! The biggest take-away trend for me from this movie are Oversized, Over The Top Chandelier style earrings paired with arm fulls of chunky bracelets!


There were also some GORGEOUS Necklaces on the girls, and I am so glad the statement necklace trend continues.

The two key items were Carrie’s Clover Necklace and the Big Black Diamond ring. I believe these two looks will drive business at cash registers across the country and have the most mass appeal.

Liza Minnelli, makes a cameo appearance in the film to sing “All The Single Ladies” at Stanford and Mario’s Gay wedding! It was hillarious!

She doned a pave stone ring in her act and is now going on HSN June 30th, to promote a new line of Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories for the network!

Dolce & Gabanna Fall 2010

The Milan collections are always my favorite! The Italians seem to have the most interesting and creative way of mixing colors and textures in their fashions. Rich fabrics and colors take center stage with accessories as their crowning jewel!

The Italian designers are best known for their leather accessories design in the categories of shoes of handbags and more recently gloves have played an important role on the runways of Milan.

After reviewing the New York and London Fall 2010 collections, I have been most inspired and excited by the jewels shown on the runways of Milan! Most of what was shown was shown in gold tone finish.

Dolce & Gabanna Fall 2010

I love the mix of elements that Dolce & Gabanna used in their jewelry. It was an eclectic and vintage inspired collage of hearts, religious symbols, filligree findings, lockets, pins and flowers. I loved the statement necklaces, kilt charm pins and the use of decorated Ipod holders and headphones.

The overall vibe of the Milan collections was “The Smart, Sexy, Powerful, yet feminine woman”. There were many great daytime career looks and great pantsuits.

Other favorite collections of mine were Dsquared, Moschino, Marni and Gucci.

While most of the jewelry shown in Milan was feminine and busy, Gucci simply showed a gold, modern neckplate-choker in 2 widths, coupled with a wide cuff or thin buckle style bangle.

I have provided pictures of my favorite looks for your enjoyment and inspiration. Visit to see the complete collections of all the designers from New York, London, Milan and Paris 2010.

Dolce & Gabanna Statement "Religious Medal" Earrings Fall 2010

Dolce & Gabanna Charm Kilt Pin Fall 2010

Bottega Veneta Scarab Motif Necklaces Fall 2010

Bottega Veneta Scarab Cuff & Clutch

Bottega Veneta “Scarab Motif” Necklace Suite
Marni Fall 2010 Bold Statement Choker
Marni Fall 2010 Multi Layer Bib Drop Necklace

Moschino Fall 2010

D Squared Fall 2010 "Power Girl"

Gucci Fall 2010 "Wide Choker"

Gucci Fall 2010 Thin Buckle Bracelet

Gucci Fall 2010 Wide Clean Cuff Bracelet

Gucci Fall 2010 "Working Girl" Thin Choker



Vivienne Westwood Red Label Goth Inspired (Love the shoes)


Vivienne Westwood Layered Charm Necklaces
Vivienne Westwood Red Label Buttons on Lapel

As I was studying the London Designer Collections on, I had to seek out those designers with jewelry as there were very few!  Many of the designers showing in London are not as well know commercially in the United States as designers from New York, Paris and Milan. What they lack in global notoriety they make up with originality, creativity and COLOR. Many of the collections I viewed, had an 80’s punk vibe undertone. There was a lot of color on the London catwalks,  especially Hot Pink and other neon brights  mixed with other brights & prints. I enjoyed looking at the London collections and will high light for you some of the jewelry looks from the runway.  

Designer Holly Fulton has received awards and commissions from Nadja Swarovski for her jewelry designs. Here she shows accent pieces with her Ready To Wear Collection.  I especially love the geometric shaped chandelier earrings and the Cleopatra-Like Swarovski Gem encrusted bib collar in the 2 photos below.

 Holly Fulton, The Designer in her own Cuffs taking a bow!  



PPQ-Crazy Statement Necklace, LOVE THE SHOES!
Duro Olowu Cool Hoop Earrings & Layered Necklaces-Love the Mix of Color!