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Tag Archives: Sex & The City 2

I  finally went to see it the other night after much anticipation! It was really all about the fashion for me and the JEWELRY! I was so excited to see the girls decked out in over the top Jewelry!

I was most excited by the over the top chandelier and linear drop earrings worn on Samantha and Miranda. I relate best to these 2 characters and love their style! The biggest take-away trend for me from this movie are Oversized, Over The Top Chandelier style earrings paired with arm fulls of chunky bracelets!


There were also some GORGEOUS Necklaces on the girls, and I am so glad the statement necklace trend continues.

The two key items were Carrie’s Clover Necklace and the Big Black Diamond ring. I believe these two looks will drive business at cash registers across the country and have the most mass appeal.

Liza Minnelli, makes a cameo appearance in the film to sing “All The Single Ladies” at Stanford and Mario’s Gay wedding! It was hillarious!

She doned a pave stone ring in her act and is now going on HSN June 30th, to promote a new line of Fashion, Jewelry and Accessories for the network!